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“Best personal training I’ve been to yet!! I literally could not walk up stairs for days after my training was over! I strengthened and stretched muscles I didn’t even know I had! I would highly recommend getting your body ready for summer with Total Results Training!”


“Total Results Training with Ryan was AMAZING! I began working out with Brian a few months before my wedding so that I could tone and create muscle definition. Not only was Ryan super patient with me but everything he had me do matched my ability so I never felt defeated. I will forever look back and love the way I looked on my wedding day and for that I’m truly grateful! Hands down best time and money ever spent. I was so happy with pre-wedding training that I’m still training with Ryan 2 years later!”


“Ryan is amazing! I love him. In the past, I had trouble controlling my weight.  Ryan taught me how to balance working out with eating right. With him, I lost 20lbs and 10 inches. Together, we drastically changed my appearance.  I have worked out with TONS of personal trainers throughout my life, but Ryan is the only one I had success with.  He is a wonderful person, who knows how to get results!  If you are SERIOUS about losing weight and ready to change your life, he is the BEST person to help you.  You WILL lose weight! You WILL see results!”


“I never thought I could do it…  I kept talking myself out of it and coming up with reasons why I couldn’t do boot camp instead of all the reasons why I should.  I finally did it and what a difference!  The energy and support of the group is just one of the many amazing things that helped me set goals and commit to actually following through with them.  My energy is at an all time high and I feel like I’m at the top of my game.  I’m a huge fan!”


“I appreciate that Ryan can tailor his bootcamp workouts to each person’s abilities. Whether you are injury prone or an older participant (like me), Ryan can quickly adapt an exercise to accommodate every person’s needs. The early morning workout times are great and I particularly enjoy the outdoor settings. I have tried other bootcamps in the Chiacgo area and none of the trainers match Ryan and Brian’s professionalism and energy. Also, the group workout is an economical way to work with a personal trainer.”


“Ryan Hunt at Total Results Training has been my personal trainer for over 4 years, and I’ve gotten the best results I’ve ever had in all the years I’ve been working out. Through Ryan’s efforts, I am leaner, stronger and I have more energy. Ryan is extremely professional and knowledgeable; he created a customized workout program for me that is challenging and motivating. He is always upbeat and positive and he makes sure I get the most out of my twice-weekly workouts. Trust me, you don’t stick around with someone for 4 years if you’re not meeting your work out goals and getting the results you want. If you’re looking for a trainer who knows his business, contact Total Results Training.”


“I had not done any routine physical training in 12 years. Started the boot camp in the fall doing 3 to 4 workouts each week.  I’m in my 14th week now and have dropped 8 pounds and trimmed 2 inches off my waist and have a lot more energy. Some of the routines are intense, but manageable. Each session is different. Classmates and instructors have been very encouraging. This is a very good program and feel that if I can do it, anybody should be able to. Ryan is great!!!”


“Working out with these guys is FUN. I was afraid that “bootcamp” meant getting yelled at and being pushed past the limit, but that is not the case with TRT. I am never bored, because there is always a drill I’ve never done. I love that we never spend more than 2 minutes on any exercise. As someone who needs to switch things up, TRT Bootcamp is awesome!  I love that as easygoing and funny as the instructors are, they are truly interested in you getting everything you can from the workouts. I f you want to add punch and pizazz to your workout routine, I highly recommend Total Results Training!”


“Total Results Training with Ryan is the best! He keeps me motivated and helped me really take my exercise regiment to the next level. I saw significant results within 1 month and was in the best shape of my life within 3 months! The bootcamp classes are so motivating, challenging, and fun. I get pretty bored with the same work out routines, and the bootcamp classes are always changing and keep me motivated. Ryan is also great at teaching for different levels, and providing modifications for beginners but keeping things challenging for the more advanced members.”


“I was at a point where I reached a plateau with my exercise regiment. Ryan and the Total Results crew changed all of that. I’m leaner, have more energy and don’t mind getting it together to get to my sessions. I highly recommend this group to everyone who wants to get to the next level with their routine.”


“You just have to try the boot camp sessions! The energy and power of the group is really more motivating than you can imagine. I lost weight and more importantly felt great. My energy went up and a few aches and pains that I’ve had for a long time just seemed to go away. Ryan Hunt is one of the best trainers and very motivating. Even with a group, he manages to find time for you as an individual and make sure you are getting exactly what you need. I’ve been out for a few months for knee surgery and start back at tomorrows session! Just do this and you won’t regret it.”


“I trained with Ryan for 2 years and felt stronger and healthier every day. TRT Bootcamp is a perfect way to keep your workouts up, have fun and lose weight. For anyone who is interested in getting into shape and keeping the weight off sign up for TRT! It’s amazing.”


“Total Results Training is the way to get in shape! It is all the benefits of working with a personal trainer, without the cost. There is a great dynamic between the instructors….they motivate you in positive ways.”


“This was a awesome flexible training program. Ryan treats the class like a personal session. I lost 8-10 lbs by the end of boot camp. I also was feeling more energetic & eating better due to the diet tips recommended. I only wish I was still living in the city to continue taking the program. TRT when are you coming to the North Shore area??”

-W. G.

“I trained while I was pregnant, and when I had the baby the weight fell right off! Ryan is AMAZING!!! I would HIGHLY recommend this!”


“I joined TRT boot camp 7 months ago and absolutely LOVE I! TRT is fantastic! I take TRT bootcamp at 6am in the morning. In the beginning it was very difficult for me to get up so early and work out. Since I was so out out of shape, I would also be very nervous about going to boot camp. Ryan helped me out at each session and encouraged me along the way. I now look forward to waking up and starting my day with TRT bootcamp! I am so glad I found TRT! It has really changed me from the inside and out. I am addicted to TRT boot camp and plan on being a TRT bootcamper for a long time:)!! Thank you guys!!”


“Total Results Training (TRT)… The BEST trainers & workouts in Chicago!!! I’ve done one-on-one training with one of TRT’s personal trainers, Ryan Hunt, for 2 years & TRT boot camp (outdoor & indoor) for 1 year. The total body workouts are fun, intense, & challenging. I absolutely love starting my days with a TRT workout… I am more productive and have so much energy. I have more self-confidence & a positive attitude. I feel healthier, stronger, & leaner!!! I am so grateful for TRT… kicking my booty & keeping me in shape!!!”


I’ve always considered myself a fit person.  Just like everyone else I battled my weight trying to lose that last 10 pounds.  When I got pregnant I was already 15 pounds overweight, then I gained another 50.  After having my son, I called Ryan and started private sessions and boot-camp.  It was difficult and Ryan was tough.  He told me the hard truth about my diet and kicked my butt back into shape.  I still have a few pounds to go, but after losing 65 lbs in 10 months my body has never looked better.  I recommend Ryan to all my friends and clients.  I can’t thank him enough for helping me achieve all my goals.


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