Outdoor Bootcamp

Total Results Training offers a boot camp where you can take advantage of the awesome Chicago summer while engaging in high energy fitness at an affordable price. Boot camps take place at a number of different times and locations to help overcome the many scheduling conflicts that traditionally prevent people from working out on a regular basis.

If you enjoy working out while the sun comes up (or shortly there after), come try our early morning boot camp where you can crawl out of bed, grab a quick breakfast on the go and be done with your workout while most people are finishing their morning coffee. OR if you are a working professional who usually rushes to the gym after work, evening boot camp might be just what you are looking for. Instead of spending 60 casual minutes in a crowded gym our boot camp provides you an awesome outdoor workout that will help you get the results you desire.

All of our boot camps feature fun, interactive, effective group training techniques focusing on muscle tone and weight loss. TRT boot camps will help you achieve your fitness goals through cardiovascular and body weight resistance training. In addition to being a great reason to be outside with friends, family and neighbors, our Boot Camp eliminates the financial obstacle facing many potential people seeking a professional fitness routine.